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Enjoy The Grind

Welcome to Keep Grinding Coffee Company!
Here at KGC, we know all about the daily grind. Whether your daily grind is that grueling 5:00AM workout, or that long shift you’ve got ahead of you, we want to provide you with the best coffee to keep you energized, ready to get after it, and conquer your day. All of our beans are roasted using master roasting methods to perfect each bean’s unique flavor. We will never provide anything less than the best! Enjoy your grind!

  • Whole Bean

    • Whole Roasted Beans
    • Lasts Longer
    • Takes longer to prepare and brew
    • More control over flavor or bitterness
    • Requires grinder
  • Ground Beans

    • Pre-Ground; super convenient
    • Must be used in "Drip Coffee Pots"
    • Takes less time to prepare and brew
    • No additional items needed to prepare
    • Uniform in size
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  • Kathy

    Just tried the Mexican blend and it’s so smooth and full bodied with no bitterness. Well done!! Will order again!!!

  • Carol

    I bought the Mexican blend and the Sumatra Mandheling.Opened the Sumatra. Had a beautiful cup of coffee with dinner last night! Delightful!

  • Gabrielle

    They're SO good. You stayed patient making sure everything was perfect.

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